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There are few places, if any, where a golfer gets tested against the elements as much as they do at Lofoten Links. Built into the rugged landscape, Lofoten Links combines its wild and wonderful surroundings with a world-class golf course. #challenge accepted


We are honored by the prestigious awards given to us by distinguished golf publications worldwide, recognizing the excellence of Lofoten Links golf course.


Lofoten Links Lodges - Luxury Standard Lodges


Explore our cozy, Nordic-style lodges, conveniently located near the course. Our charming lodges boast north-facing views, offering picturesque vistas of the ocean, the enchanting northern lights, or the mesmerizing midnight sun.

Horses on Hov beach with snow covered mountains


Located in the heart of Lofoten, Gimsøy Island serves as an ideal launching pad for your exploration of the breathtaking landscapes and coastal wonders that define this region.

Northern lights over Hoven

Winter @ Lofoten Links Lodges

Your Northern Lights Basecamp

Home to the Finest Location for the Northern Lights in Lofoten

Experience the enchanting dance of the northern lights from our cozy Lofoten Links Lodges, nestled amidst the majestic Lofoten mountains and breathtaking landscape.


Inside Lofoten Links



Travel To Lofoten Links

Where are we and how do I get there?


  • Unfortunately, no. It is a little confusing, as there is a bus that goes past Lofoten Links. This, however, is the school bus – it is not a public bus.

    Again, you need to rent a car if you are going to travel here.  Until we get more public transportation infrastructure, this is the most effective, efficient and enjoyable way to travel The Lofoten Islands.

  • The Lofoten Islands are located at 68° North, above The Arctic Circle.

    We also experience an anomaly called The Gulf Stream that pushes warm ocean currents from the south, creating much milder temperatures that other Arctic places.

    That being said, it is still important to remember that we can also experience 4 seasons in one day.

    Which is why you need to bring smart clothes on your Lofoten trip.

    We highly recommend the following:

    1. Merino wool long underwear
    2. A rain and windproof jacket
    3. A solid pair of boots – especially if you plan to do any sort of hiking or walking
    4. Hat, gloves, scarf
    5. Layers
    6. If you visit us from May to September, you should bring a sleeping mask as it is daytime during the nighttime and can be harder to sleep.
  • Read details about flights, driving directions, ferries and more information about getting to us.

    Travel to Lofoten Links

  • Cancellations more than 30 days prior to arrival = 100% refund of prepayment, minus an administrative fee of 5% (minimum NOK 300) of the total booking.

    Cancellations 30-15 days prior to arrival = You will be charged 50% of your booking

    Cancellations 14 days prior or less = we keep your prepayment and the remaining cost of stay will be charged / invoiced.

  • We are the only Top 100 world-ranked golf course to offer our guests the experience of playing golf under the midnight sun.

    The midnight sun phenomenon takes place from mid-May to end of July. This means that the sun does not set, or go under the horizon, causing it to be light for 24 hours a day. Because the sun does not set, you won’t be chased off the golf course by darkness. Pretty neat, right?!

    Check out our Midnight Sun Unlimited Golf package suggestion.

  • Lofoten Links Golf Resort offers many different amenities, all within 1 km of the course.

    Hov Gård is our Icelandic horse farm and home to one of the most famous activities in Lofoten – Icelandic Horseback Riding.

    We offer tours year-round, along the beach, under the midnight sun and under the northern lights. Tours are available for all levels.

    Hov Gård is also where our restaurant, Låven, is located.

    On Hov beach, you can rent our beach sauna, take a dip in the sea and enjoy its white sands.

    Hoven mountain is located directly behind Hov Gård and the golf course. It is a stunning hike, with 360° panoramic views of Lofoten.

    In addition, we accommodate special events like business meetings, weddings, engagements, birthdays, etc.

    Explore more activities in Gimsøy here.

    Fishing, hiking, kayaking and bicycling are great options during the milder months.

    Snowshoeing and ice skating are also possible during the winter months.

    Explore more activities in Lofoten here.

    Let us help you plan your trip!

    Email us at



  • Yes!

    We have a Pro Shop in The Clubhouse where we sell logoed clothes, balls, flags, and other golf equipment.  We also sell golf clubs, gloves and other name brand balls here.

    Don’t forget to buy a memory of your experience at Lofoten Links or a gift for another golf lover at the Pro Shop before you leave!

  • You can park HERE, in the lot east of The Clubhouse.  Golfers park for free.

  • Check-in is 4pm

    Check-out is 11am

    IF you want to check-in early or check-out late, please email us at or call us (+47 760 72 002) in advance.  If possible, we will fulfil your request.

    If you check-out late, without notifying us,  there is a fee of kr 1000.

  • For both staying at the lodges and your tee-time, check-in at The Clubhouse/Reception at Lofoten Links.

  • After booking your trip, please email us at and we will be happy to book your tee time for you.

    Send us the names of everyone in your party, order number, and dates you want to play, and that way we can book the best tee-time for you.

    If you need rental clubs, please let us know what kind in this email also.

    If you’re in the area, feel free to drop by reception to find out what tee-times are available that day.

  • The northern lights season is from late August until April.

    Which means that our golf season coincides with the northern lights season from late August to mid-October.

    If you play golf during this period, we recommend you enjoy your golf round during the day and enjoy the northern lights at night.

    You won’t be able to golf in the dark, and in order to see the northern lights, it needs to be dark.

    If your golf round ends around dusk, you might get lucky and see them faintly in the sky as you are finishing your round.

    After your round, we recommend you go back to your lodge and relax, turn off the lights, maybe light a fire, and look out the windows while you wait for the northern lights.

    Sometimes they show up for minutes, sometimes for hours. Sometimes not at all.

    Their dance can be faint and light green, or strong and pink.

    Either way, it is 100% worth it.

    If you’d like to play out course under “the northern lights,” recommend playing our course on Trackman.

  • It must be dark to see the northern lights. Thus the northern lights season starts around mid-August, when it starts getting dark again, and lasts until around April.

    Regarding golf, you can golf by day and see the northern lights by night from around mid-August to the end of the golf season (usually mid- October).

    If you wish to see the Northern Lights, we welcome you to stay with us at Your Northern Lights Basecamp.

    Explore more here.

  • Simply put, the midnight sun is a period of time when the sun doesn’t set, making it appear to be daytime at nighttime.

    At Lofoten Links, this happens every year from mid-May to late July,

    Making us the only Top 100 golf course to offer our guests the opportunity to play golf all night long, if they wish, because it is light for 24 hours a day.

    Curious to understand more about the midnight sun phenomenon?

    Discover more about the midnight sun here.

  • Up here in the Arctic, on an island in the sea, the weather is unpredictable and fast-changing. This poses a challenge in accurately predicting the weather during specific months and advising our guests on the best time to play golf here.

    What you can do is check the weather forecast here.

  • The dress code is smart casual.

  • Yes, you can. You can play the #88 world ranked course in the world, eat at our delicious, local restaurant, Låven, and then get some sleep at our Lofoten Links Lodges, all within 1 km of each other.

  • We recommend that people play our course more than once. There are many nuances and discoveries to be made, and each time you play, you uncover something different.  Additionally, the dynamic weather adds a significant dimension to the links course experience. The weather changes quickly here, so again, playing more than one round allows you to get the full package experience.

    We recommend our 3 round package:

    1st round (18 holes): Full Price

    2nd round (18 holes): Half Price

    3rd round (18 holes): FREE

    This is available all year, and must be used within the same golf season.

    Green Fee prices vary, depending on if you are a lodge guest, a member, or if it’s low or high season.

    Green Fee Prices 2024

  • We offer cozy, Nordic-style lodges not far from the golf course for you comfort and convenience.

    Read more about our Lofoten Links Lodges here.

  • We do have landing space for a helicopter and yes, some of our guests do travel here this way.

    First, you need to fly into BOO (Bodø Airport) or EVE (Evenes Airport).

    If you are coming in to EVE, contact Heli Team.

    If flying into BOO, contact Arctic Aviation.


  • Explore your different rental car options here:

    Rent A Car Lofoten




    Rent A Wreck

  • Lofoten Links sits at 68° North in northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle, on Gimsøy Island within the Lofoten Islands in the Norwegian Sea.

    With a population of only 181 people, Gimsøy Island is remote, necessitating transportation by car due to limited public options.

    Nevertheless, the journey from either EVE (Evenes/Harstad/Narvik airport) or SVJ (Svolvær airport) offers breathtaking scenery, making flying into EVE or SVJ and renting a car the recommended choice for your trip.

    Discover where we are on the map.

  • Yes, there is a local shop about 5 km away from the lodges. Here you can buy food, drinks, beer and basic necessities. There is also a cosy, little café inside. You can also shop in the town of Svolvær, located about 40 minutes away by car. They have many shops there and this is also where you can buy wine and spirits. You can only buy wine and spirits in the Vinmonpolet. The Vinmonpolet is not open on Sundays .


  • We take pleasure in offering our golf guests delicious, locally sourced cuisine from our charming restaurant, Låven.

    Situated just 850 meters from the golf course, nestled between the course and the lodges, our cozy restaurant is an ideal spot to enjoy superb meals before, between, or after your round.

    We provide a daily breakfast buffet, lunch, and dinner options, including the choice of 2 or 3 course meals.

    Additionally, The Clubhouse offers baguettes, waffles, snacks, and a selection of coffee, soft drinks, and beer/wine.



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