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Midnight Sun Unlimited Golf

Night won't chase you off the course this time.

Located at 68° North, Lofoten Links is the only Top 100 course that gives you the experience to play golf 24 hours a day, under the midnight sun.

The midnight sun is when the sun hovers over the horizon, never dropping below it, casting a most magical glow along the landscape. Experience the spectacle of the midnight sun from our golf course, set against the backdrop of the open sea.

The midnight sun phenomenon begins in mid-May and lasts until late July.

Thus, the course is open 24 hours a day during mid-May until August.


We recommend:

        • Minimum 2 nights accommodation at Lofoten Links Lodges
        • Booking the “Unlimited Golf” option
        • Booking breakfast and/or dinner at our restaurant, Låven, to give you to fuel need to play, play, play…. 


2024 High Season Price Example:

        • 2 nights in a shared lodge (Luxury Standard Lodge)
        • Unlimited Golf
        • Breakfast
              • From kr 6150,- per person


Midnight Sun Unlimited Golf facts:🏌️🏌️‍♀️

        • Current Guiness World Record holder, Michael McMeekin, played our course for just over 30 hours consecutively.
        • Summer of 2023, we had a guest (shout out to Josh) play 7.5 rounds in 24 hours, again, consecutive play. 


PS: Although the midnight sun period lasts from mid-May to late July, it is still bright enough to play round-the-clock until around the 5th of August.

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