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Northern Lights

Lofoten Links Lodges: Your Northern Lights Basecamp & Home to the Finest Location for The Northern Lights in Lofoten

Why is our location so exceptional?

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At 68° North, Lofoten resides inside the Auroral Zone, a luminous belt encircling the geomagnetic poles, offering you both the prime location and opportunity to witness the Northern Lights.

Even more excitingly, our lodges on Gimsøy Island have a special advantage.

Situated on the island’s northern edge and facing directly north towards the expansive Norwegian Sea, we’re perfectly positioned to see the Northern Lights, which mostly appear in the northern sky.

Northern lights over the lodges with people

Your Northern Lights Basecamp in Winter

And Home to the Finest Location for The Northern Lights in Lofoten


Leave behind the city lights and enjoy unobstructed views of the Northern sky from the comfort of your lodge.


It’s time to finally check off the northern lights from your bucket list at one of the premier destinations to see them!


We recommend:

      • Minimum 2 nights accommodation at Lofoten Links Lodges
      • Breakfast and/or dinner at our restaurant, Låven, 
      • Watching the northern lights from our beach sauna


P.S. As the northern lights can only be experienced when the sky is dark, Northern Lights Basecamp is only available during the northern lights season, typically spanning from September to late March.


Tips for viewing & taking photos of the northern lights during your stay

1. Download this app- My Aurora Forecast

2. Turn off the lights inside and outside of the lodge. You want your environment to be as dark as possible.

3. Be patient. The northern lights can show up for a few minutes at at time, or last hours.

4. Look for grays and/or light greens in the sky. If you’re not sure if you’re seeing the northern lights, hold your phone camera up to the light like you’re taking a photo.  The camera always captures the colors of the northern lights much stronger than our naked eye does.

5. If you see the northern lights, make sure you have a tripod ready. The tripod stabilises the phone so you get clear shots. Get familiar with your night mode settings (for photos) and how to use your time-lapse (for time-lapse videos).

6. Enjoy the dance of the northern lights.



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