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Kontakt oss & Møt Teamet

Frode Hov

General Manager

Jerry Mulvihill

Head Greenkeeper

Andrew Walton

Golf & Lodges Manager

Alicja Drzazga

Reception Manager

Cato Hov

Sales / IT

Yngve Gabrielsen

Mechanic / Greenkeeper

Katie Martynowicz

Marketing / Sales

Katie Martynowicz

Originally from the US, Katie met her Norwegian husband during their time in Thailand. Following a memorable honeymoon in Lofoten, they made the decision to settle here in late 2022. They were driven by their shared passion for exploring the rugged mountains and coastline through hiking. A delightful surprise awaited them when they discovered Lofoten Links, where Katie now has the opportunity to showcase the course’s captivating beauty to the world.

Marketing / Sales


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